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Domestic, Commerical and Industrial Solar Installations for the Mid North Coast.

Increase Your Energy Potential and Save Money

At Hastings Solar & Electrical, we bring your vision of harnessing clean, renewable energy to life. Our solar installation services are meticulously designed to empower your home or business with efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective solar solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial entity, or an industrial facility, our certified experts are dedicated to making the transition to solar seamless and rewarding.

Radiant Solutions for Tomorrow: Our Expertise, Your Solar Power

Solar Installation

Empower Your Home with Solar Brilliance

Transform your residence into a beacon of sustainable living with our residential solar installation services. From customized designs to seamless installations, we ensure that your home is equipped with state-of-the-art solar panels, allowing you to enjoy energy savings while reducing your environmental footprint.

Commercial Solar Installations

Revolutionize Your Business with Solar Efficiency

Our commercial solar installation services are tailored to meet the energy demands of businesses, providing a pathway to substantial cost savings and enhanced sustainability. From detailed energy assessments to large-scale installations, we specialize in empowering commercial enterprises to make a positive impact on both their bottom line and the planet.

Industrial Solar Installation

Powering Industries into a Greener Tomorrow

In the industrial landscape, efficiency and sustainability are paramount. Our industrial solar installation services are crafted to meet the unique energy needs of manufacturing plants, warehouses, and industrial facilities. We specialize in integrating solar solutions that not only reduce operational costs but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Savings For Your Business

We recognize the unique needs of businesses and are dedicated to offering a diverse range of solar services specifically tailored to enhance the financial resilience and efficiency of your operations. Our unwavering commitment to safety and reliability ensures the protection of your assets while providing substantial savings through our solar solutions. Explore the solar services we offer to optimize both security and financial well-being for your business:


  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Large-Scale Solar Deployments
  • Financial Analysis and ROI Assessment
  • Sustainable Business Solutions
  • Continuous Performance Monitoring
  • Customized Solar Solutions
  • Grid Integration and Optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance
  • Proactive Maintenance Plans

Solar Installers

We take pride in delivering a diverse array of residential services to safeguard your family and home. Our unwavering commitment to efficiency, safety, and reliability ensures the protection of your loved ones in every solar installation project. Embrace the financial benefits of solar, as it not only enhances safety but also offers substantial savings. Here are some of the solar services we can provide for your family:


  • Tailored Solar Designs
  • Efficient Panel Installations
  • Energy Savings Analysis
  • Seamless Residential Integration
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support
  • Real-time Monitoring and Performance Analysis
  • Solar Rebates and Incentive Program Guidance
  • Emergency Backup Power Systems
  • Battery Storage Solutions

Client Testimonials

“Keith was so good, went way above what was expected of him to do & also came back several times to check on us & to fill us in about what was happening with electrical supply being restored after flooding. I can’t thank him enough & would recommend Keith to attend to your property.”

Maxine A.

Property Owner

“I have been using Keith and his team since my wife and I retired to Bonny Hills from Sydney. Keith only employs the best tradies from the area to work for him and the quality of their work is outstanding. Whenever I have called Keith for advice on a job, he has provided detailed information and alternatives which has allowed for us to make sound cost effective decisions for work to be commissioned at our house. If you need a great electrician and solar installer, give Keith from Hastings Solar and Electrical a call. You will not be disappointed.”

Ross T.

Property Owner

“What a great company to deal with. Very professional, on time and friendly. Jake and his team explained the different alternatives to me including the pros and cons and then came up with the installation plan. Having had previous bad experiences, Hastings Solar was a breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend them.”

Heather C.

Home Owner.

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